Toyota Lexcen TV Commercial

Toyota Lexcen TV Commercial

Our ‘Catch of the Day’ is for a famous Aussie car you might not remember…

Back in the day, the 1980’s and 90’s, the federal government encouraged car companies to team up and share resources.

The policy, known as ‘The Button Car Plan‘ saw us get vehicles like the Holden Nova, which was a re-badged Toyota Corolla, the Nissan Pintara was disguised as a Ford Corsair, and in return, Nissan even had access to the Falcon ute!

Those were just a few of the vehicles that were offered to often confused Australian car buyers.

But there was one vehicle that probably stands out as the most memorable re-badged offering - the Toyota Lexcen.

Named after the famous yachtsman, Ben Lexcen, you didn’t need too look to hard to see that the Lexcen was a very thinly disguised Holden Commodore.

So, the catchphrase ‘It’s a little bit different’ was certainly true!

Relive the famous Toyota Lexcen TV commercial from 1990…

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