Triplewax Waterless Wash & Shine

triplewax waterless wash shine

This week’s Car Product of the Week is Triplewax Waterless Wash & Shine.

That’s right, we live on the hottest and driest continent on Earth, that means some people don’t have ready access to water - think people travelling through remote areas etc.

Here’s an option if you don’t want to use water, or simply can’t, to clean your car, truck, bus, 4×4 (or even boat - remember “water, water everywhere but not a drop to drink!”).

Triplewax Waterless Wash & Shine cleans, polishes and protects in one easy step and without water.

It’s suitable for use on glass, wheels, bumpers and plastic trims.

And there’s no need for sponges, shampoo, buckets, hoses or mess…how easy is that?

Available right now from the Altrex Online Store, Triplewax Waterless Wash & Shine comes in a huge 1 litre spray bottle and is priced at just $22.99!

Order this week’s Behind the Wheel Product of the Week and keep it clean no matter where you are…even in the driest part of the world’s driest nation!

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