UD Trucks Finds Safety is Top Truck Priority

Study finds safety and fuel efficiency are top truck buyer concerns.

UD Trucks Finds Safety is Top Truck Priority - the study found most people thought the trucks of the future would be safer, cleaner and still the centre of the logistics industry.

UD Trucks has unveiled the results of a survey on the future of the truck industry and the message was quite clear, trucks should be safer and more efficient.

The study involved 1,100 truck buyers, truck drivers and ordinary people. The good news is that over 80% of respondents indicated they still have high expectations of trucks, and that they expect trucks will continue to play a core role in the logistics industry.

Ordinary people said they think the trucks of the future will show concern for the environment, with little or no emissions.

Truck buyers and truck drivers however had slightly different wishes, saying they expect to see a big leap in fuel efficiency, with trucks that do not break down easily, and that are easier to repair.

UD Trucks Future of the Truck Industry Key Findings:

  • 39% of respondents hoped for safer trucks in the future
  • 37% felt trucks in the future should have little or no exhaust emissions
  • 36% expected trucks to have better fuel economy
  • 67% of truck buyers and drivers named ‘ease of driving’ as their top priority when buying a truck
  • Only 15% of truck buyers and drivers said environmental issues were a concern when choosing a new truck

While of the 30% of respondents who said they didn’t believe trucks would continue to play a central role in the worlds logistics industry, the most common reasons were that trucks are bad for the environment, are difficult to drive, and cause a lot of stress for drivers.

UD Trucks say this hints at the conclusion that if trucks can reflect greater concern for the environment and provide a better working environment for drivers, drivers may become an even more important player within the logistics industry.

Kate Richards

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