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UK continues to lead online car sales revolution

Data shows big increases in online new car sales

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There’s plenty of debate around the future of the new car sales experience with many tipping the traditional car dealership is living on borrowed time.

We’ve seen car brands like Subaru commence online new car sales in Australia, yet so far there hasn’t been a stampede away from tradition.

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In the UK though things are moving along at a quite different pace.

New research from the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT) has found a surge of car-buying on the internet.

The SMMT research found online car sales have grown by up to 66% in 2017 with services such as BuyaCar.co.uk expecting to see the shift to the online method continuing to gain pace.

“The shift in focus to online car buying by many motorists reflects growing confidence in the ‘Amazon-like’ experience of clicking to purchase.” says Austin Collins, Managing Director of BuyaCar.co.uk.

“This is especially true of people who are too busy to visit multiple dealers or less confident in the environment of a traditional dealership.”

Interestingly, but perhaps not unexpectedly, its female car buyers who are most interested in bypassing the car dealerships.

The online car sales business achieved a 75% surge in female customers over the past year, while the increase among men was 22%.

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