UPS expands hybrid-electric truck fleet

UPS expands hybrid-electric truck fleet

UPS has added another 125 hybrid-electric delivery trucks to its US fleet as part of a commitment to reduce emissions.

The new trucks, which will be used to deliver parcels in US states including Florida and Texas, feature a new two-cylinder 650cc engine which charges the vehicles batteries on the go. The hybrid-electric chassis being supplied by leading vehicle technology company, Workhorse.

ups_hybrid-electric_delivery_truckUPS tell us the trucks deliver up to four times the fuel economy of a petrol-powered vehicle.

Carlton Rose, UPS Global Fleet Maintenance and Engineering president, says the new trucks make both economic and environmental sense.

“Our real-world testing of this new technology revealed opportunities to improve its performance and efficiency, which led to the development of a more advanced propulsion system.”

While Steve Burns, CEO of Workhorse, said the trucks have been designed with the specific requirements of a UPS truck in mind.

“These low-emission trucks are designed specifically to meet the stop and start needs of UPS’s urban delivery routes, while driving unprecedented fuel and maintenance savings,”

“This new system enables the vehicle to accommodate UPS’s typical route on battery energy and uses a very small internal combustion engine to add additional energy to the batteries when and if needed and eliminates range anxiety.”

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