March 22, 2020

Volkswagen boss interested in looking at FCA merger

Volkswagen boss interested in looking at FCA merger

Matthias Mueller happy to talk turkey with FCA boss…

The German car giants, Volkswagen, have bounced back successfully from the diesel emissions dramas and now they’re in the mood to expand.

As we reported on the weekend, Volkswagen has signed a letter of agreement to work with the Indian car giants – Tata Motors, now the Volkswagen boss, Matthias Mueller, says he’s keen to look at other possible tie-ups.

The Italian/American car manufacturer Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA) has been keen to also look at options and opportunities with other car makers and Mr. Mueller was asked about whether there was any talk between the rival camps.

Car industry mergers are on the agenda after the PSA/Opel deal.

Addressing media at a press conference in Germany, Mr. Mueller said there was no contact between himself and the FCA boss, Sergio Marchionne, at this point.

But, after being asked about whether there would be a conversation, the VW boss said he was not ruling anything out.

And he wasn’t afraid to criticise Mr. Marchionne for his public support of possible deals/mergers.

“It would be very helpful if he were to communicate his considerations to me.” Mr Mueller told journalists.

We will continue to bring you more details on this as they come to hand.

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