Volvo Trucks boss promises new customer focus

Volvo Trucks boss promises new customer focus

The Volvo Trucks product is hard to fault, now the boss wants to see customers looked after better.

Volvo Trucks boss promises new customer focusVolvo Group president Claes Nilsson (pictured) has spoken to journalists at an event in the US and has admitted that some of the company’s focus in recent times has been centered away from the fundamentals.

So, instead of being focussed on the customer experience, Volvo, by Mr Nilsson’s own admission, has been spending a great deal of time and energy consolidating and streamlining its operations following the acquisition of rival truck brands Mack, Renault and UD.

But, he says that needs to change and will in coming months and years.

“Maybe we became a bit too internally focused,”

“We want to much more focus on business, on customers, and seeing that the different brands really can grow our business,”

That new customer focus will come by way of a number of strategies that Mr Nelson outlined, including a greater focus on technology, especially areas such as connectivity, platooning, and autonomous vehicles.

While the Volvo boss also spoke of a desire to bring new features to the market, such as Volvo’s new engine platforms and I-Shift automated transmission, and the opening of upgraded production facilities with state of the art equipment.

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