Watch for signs of Driver Fatigue these holidays

Toll Driver Reviver kicks into action for Holiday motorists…

It’s the deadliest time of the year on Australia’s roads and driver fatigue is often either the cause of, or a contributing factor, to many serious crashes in the Christmas Holidays.

With many families hitting the roads this week, Toll Driver Reviver sites are now open and motorists are being urged to stop and have a cup of tea or coffee.

Staffed by volunteers, Brian Kruger, Managing Director of the Toll Group, says taking a few minutes to refresh can make all the difference on long journeys.

“There’s no doubt we see an increase in traffic on the roads over the Christmas holiday period, and unfortunately with this comes the increased risk of fatigue-related crashes.

“We are urging for motorists to watch for signs of fatigue, such as distraction and restlessness, and take a break before it’s too late.”

Toll Driver Reviver Tips for Safe Holiday Road Trips:

Plan ahead

Allow for plenty of breaks and if you have children in the vehicle make sure they have enough interesting material to keep them occupied and calm for the whole journey.

Get a good night’s rest

Go to bed early, and start your journey feeling refreshed – rethink driving home after a big event.

Look for signs of fatigue

Yawning, rubbing your eyes or feeling restless and distracted? These are all symptoms of fatigue, do not continue driving. Pull over and swap drivers or nap until safe to continue.

More info on driver reviver sites can be found here.

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