We need an SUV skinnier than Toyota RAV4

Carol is looking for an SUV that fits easier in her garage.

We need an SUV skinnier than Toyota RAV4 - the new Suzuki Vitara is 80mm skinnier than the 2012 Toyota RAV4.

Hi Joel, we have a 2012 Toyota RAV4 and recently moved into a new residence with a smaller garage.

I like the height and feel of the RAV4, but I think we are going to have to find something that isn’t so wide. Whatever we get needs to be an auto.

What do you suggest?

Thanks for your email Carol. I have had a look at dimensions of cars that might suit. There are a couple of challenges though, to go narrower, you may have to lose some height.

In saying that, and while I don’t have seat height data available to me, I don’t think there would be a lot of difference in seat height between these models and the 2012 Toyota RAV4.

You are right about the RAV4 being a quite wide vehicle – it measures in at 1845mm.

This compares with the following models in order of what I would recommend…

All of the above models are available with automatic transmissions. I hope that helps.

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