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In-wheel electric motors give BMW X6 6000Nm!

In-wheel electric motors give BMW X6 6000Nm!

Incredible new in-wheel electric motors

Electric motors might soon be fitted directly into the wheels of electric vehicles.

Technology company Elaphe Propulsion has been at the forefront of in-wheel electric motor development and now they’ve stunned us with the creation of a BMW X6 that produces 6000Nm of direct-drive torque.

That’s 6000Nm, not 600Nm!

The BMW SUV has four Elaphe in-wheel motors and each produces 1500Nm.

And with 440kW of pure power on tap, they say it is the highest performance in-wheel-powered car ever.

The in-wheel motors and batteries do lift the overall weight of the X6 up to just under 2.4 tonnes.

However, it still accelerates to 100km/h in under 5 seconds and reaches 1.08 lateral g’s of acceleration during cornering – that’s a figure normally reserved for high-end sports cars.

Elaphe tell us the X6 will be used for on-vehicle validation and testing in support of their mission to offer car manufacturers a mass-produced modular, high-performance, compact and highly efficient propulsion solution for premium electric vehicles.

We’ll bring you more updates on Elaphe Propulsion Technologies as they come to hand.

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