Which large SUV should I buy?

Which large SUV should I buy?

Phil is looking at either a LandCruiser, Patrol or Discovery.

Which large SUV should I buy?

Which large SUV should I buy? Chris and Peter reckon the Land Rover is the best all-rounder.

He guys, alright tough question for you. I’m in the market for a large SUV and I’m guessing I have the option of the Toyota LandCruiser, Nissan Patrol and Land Rover Discovery.

I am going to be leasing it through work and have a maximum to spend of about $90,000. Majority of my driving is on the highway.

Which is most comfortable, reliable and offers best value for money?

Chris Miller – I love the Toyota LandCruiser V8 diesel, an amazing engine that uses a whole lot less fuel than you might expect. The current series LandCruiser is a little dated though and compared to the Land Rover, isn’t quite as comfortable/luxurious, especially under $90,000.

Unfortunately the new model of the Nissan Patrol only comes with a 5.6 litre V8 petrol engine and that might mean it uses too much fuel for you. Otherwise though, really nice vehicle.

I’d be heading for the Land Rover Discovery. It is the most comfortable and most refined of the three large SUVs and is also the most modern and technically advanced.

For under $90,000 you could easily get into a Land Rover Discovery 4 SDV6, in my opinion this is the vehicle that offers the best of everything.

Peter Hitchener - I agree with Chris, the best all-rounder, especially when highway use is the main priority, is the Land Rover.

Joel Helmes - Agree that the Land Rover is a comfortable and quite modern offering. Still, I’m a huge fan of the turbo-diesel V8 Toyota LandCruiser. You can’t beat Toyota reliability and if traveling in regional areas is a common occurrence, then the reassurance of the huge Toyota dealership network and the easy availability of parts would tip me towards the big Toyota.

Let us know which way you go Phil.

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