Workhorse Group chooses BMW EV tech for delivery vans

BMW to supply i3 range-extender for electric delivery van application…

Workhorse Group chooses BMW EV tech for delivery vans

We recently got along to the launch of the 2017 BMW i3 with extended 200km electric drive range and even BMW admitted that the new longer range would probably see a drop in sales of the optional range extender.

The two-cylinder petrol engine is a $6,000 option on the i3 and deciding not to have it certainly helps make the BMW i3 a more attractive financial proposition.

It also helps save a hefty 50kg in weight in the EV model!

But BMW won’t be scrapping the range extender just yet with demand for the technology being sought among electric commercial vehicle manufacturers.

One of those manufacturers, the U.S. based Workhorse Group, has just placed an order with BMW for i3 range extender units that they intend to fit to their range of Class 3-5 delivery vehicles.

Workhorse Group chooses BMW EV tech for delivery vans
The BMW ranger extender keeps the electric delivery vans going after the initial battery charge is depleted.

Steve Burns, Workhorse founder and CEO, says the electric vans will operate on pure electric power for the first 60 miles (96 km) of their daily operation and then power will come from the 650cc range extender.

“Our goal is to make it a complete replacement that can do anything a gasoline truck can do.

“The range extender solution adds tremendous benefits to our E-Gen vehicle and to our customers.

“Signing this supply agreement with BMW further strengthens our commitment to our customers’ fuel efficiencies, maintenance savings, and sustainability initiatives while continuing to eliminate range-anxiety often found with battery-electric vehicles.”

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