YCF Introduces Fully Electric Fun Bike

French brand YCF has introduced an all electric fun bike and Australia’s national distributor will have the bike available here by April.

YCF produces a range of fun, pit and entry level dirt bikes in its manufacturing facility in China.

The brand came to Australia last year and there are now 14 bikes in the range with engine capacities ranging from 50cc to 190cc.

There are two completely new models for 2016 - the YCF 50A and YCF 50E. Both bikes are targeted at children.

The YCF 50A runs a 49cc 4 stroke, air cooled, single cylinder engine. It has a 4 speed automatic gearbox, electric start and weighs just 42kg ready to ride. It sells for $1,699 ride away.

The YCF 50E is an alternative to YCF 50A, and is fully electric. It is powered by a 1200W electric engine and has a total battery capacity of 10,000mAh. No details of the bike’s range or charge time are readily available.

YCF says the bike is perfect for children living in suburban areas where any level of noise is an issue.

The chassis, suspension and brakes are identical on both bikes. The weight of the 50E electric is surprisingly lighter at 36kg, 8 kg less than the petrol powered 50A. The electric YCF 50E sells for $2,499.

YCF makes it very clear in its specifications and information on its website that their bikes do not comply with Australian design rules and cannot be registered for on-road use.

Instead, they are intended for restricted use on closed and private tracks only.

The dealership network is growing steadily, and there are now over 30 dealers around the country.

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