Young Brits in no rush to drive

Young Brits in no rush to drive

Costs of car ownership the big factor

A UK study has found a large percentage of young people have given up on the idea of learning to drive.

The study was conducted by and found the number of 17-year olds taking the practical driving test has fallen by more than 100,000 since 2007-08.

While the overall number of under-25s in the UK that are learning to drive is down by 20%.

Why are young people giving up on car ownership? Primarily because of the cost of owning, and insuring a car.

In the UK, average premiums for young drivers have increased by about 8% this year due to a new government tax on insurance.

While gaining a driver’s license in the UK now costs about $2,500!

Honest John’s Managing Editor, Daniel Powell, tells us young people are simply being priced out of learning to drive.

“Ten years ago, a typical 17-year-old would have booked a driving lesson as soon as they were legally able, but today most young people simply cannot afford to drive.

“Tax increases and changes to the way major personal injury claims are calculated have pushed up premiums by an average of eight per cent.

“But for younger drivers the real world increases are probably much higher.”

Are you a young person in no rush to get ‘behind the wheel’? Is it all too hard, and too expensive? We’d love to hear your feedback in our comments section below.

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