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Your Car Reviews: 2005 Toyota Camry

Anna reviews her 2005 Toyota Camry sedan.

Your Car Reviews: 2005 Toyota Camry - Anna has undertaken some big journeys in “Big Red” the Camry.

I own a blue 2005 Toyota Camry auto sedan. His name is Big Red.

I originally bought the car to long haul drive from Bowen QLD where I worked to Redcliffe QLD where I lived and back again at school holidays.

The best feature of the car is cruise control. I always arrive at my destination rested rather than tense and tired after sitting on an accelerator for miles.

Front wheel drive cars were new to me as I always preferred rear wheel drive. But after getting used to it I have had fun in it after all though you can’t beat a drift in a rear wheeler.

The steering and ABS braking system in the Toyota Camry are excellent.

The interior is spacious and comfortable front and back and the driving seat can be easily adjusted for different drivers.  The boot is enormous.

I regularly service my car so I have had very few problems with it.

I’m recently retired and have driven Big Red from Cairns QLD to Broome WA, down to Monkey Mia via Normanton and Borooloola.

At another time I drove him from Nimbin NSW to Uluru NT via the east coast to Gippsland VIC, The Great Ocean Road to Adelaide SA, Lake Ayres Coober Pedy, Uluru NT, Alice Springs, Mt Isa QLD, Winton, Proserpine and finally Hervey Bay.

He did not miss a beat. Not once. I did have to replace the suspension after the WA trip. Across the top is amazing but very bumpy.

For Big Red’s and my next trip l think the Gibb River Road. I may not get in to see everything but we will get there.

Safe motoring.


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